No available spaces in the program. We are working through our approvals as I type. Anyone planning on declining UW Madison? Thanks so much for your patience and your interest in our program. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Feel free to query me if you’d like more information about the WKU program; I’d be happy to share what I know or point you to someone who can help you better than me. No direct notification from them yet, just happened to check the website to day and saw that I’d been accepted. Sign up for a new account in our community. Letters seems to be rarer, less immediate. Posted February 12, The town seems to be pretty centered around college football without much else going on.

On the results page?

Posted February 21, I have to constantly remind myself even if I am rejected by all of them it is not a measure of my abilities lol. Accepted to the optional-residency program today! Got a request for an interview on June 14th.

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Creative Writing MFA applicants forum By mjmJanuary 29 in Literary creative writing mfa masters fine arts english literary poetry fiction. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Initially waitlisted, notified that I was an alternate awardee. Two more to go. I have to plan I found out today by logging onto the portal and seeing “Not accepted”.


Listed classes that accepted students could attend on campus incl.

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I’m surprised that there isn’t already a MFA thread I just discovered this site a week ago and it’s a blessing and a curse but it’s nice to not be in the waiting game alone! Guessing it’s a no.

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I got my first rejection from Syracuse yesterday. Thank you so much for gradcace resource! Taking it as a rejection at this point, but I find it really odd that it still reads ” No Decision” on my portal.

Are they coming through USPS or a private carrier? Anybody have anything on the programs I’m looking into or if I’m missing out on some? I read the article you posted, it’s really interesting to read the process of how a writer started his journey to publish his first book.

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Haven’t heard anything from Minnesota. Congrats to everyone who got rejected by IWW and got a nice personal grradcafe I think what they have going on there is truly exciting.


Reviving this thread because notifications are coming in. Has anyone on the NYU waitlist been offered a spot?

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Very nice letter from Lan Samantha Chang. Syracuse, on the other hand, is one of the worst places I’ve ever been I’m personally still considering applying because of the program, but would definitely not be excited to move there.

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Posted February 22, Rejections come in as letters, though, or email. Posted February 2 edited. Does anybody have any insights on the Adelphi or Hofstra programs? I’m awaiting the first rejection just so I can rip that initial band aid off. This writung my top choice, if you’re not planning on going please let them know Just got news today!