That might sound like an impossible contradiction, but this much is true: If you have a complaint about any content on Indeed, please contact Customer Support. Steve October 10, at Now that it’s so much later, is there a recovery? Of course, you did not use the word you wanted to use, so if the misused word is an unforgivable error, you do need to apologize.

If the spell-checker can find the problem, the human who doesn’t use the spell-checker owns the problem. The email was sent 12 hours ago! Tell us the job you want, we’ll tell you how to get it! Merely say that you mis-typed the word “clinical,” and you are sending a correction. Lu April 8, at Best wishes – I hope you get an interview and, if you want it, the job.

USCIS does not require you to submit a cover letter, but we’ve created a sample I cover letter to clarify several situations. Also there is no dream job these days.

Just make the next one you send better, if you do not land this job. I made a mistake when I was writing my cover letter – should I resend it? I have no idea how the heck I missed it after i proof-read it countless times and of course my spell-check rseend pick up on it. My perfectionist nature would not allow me to overlook the fact that the resume I submitted contained a small mistake.


What would you recommend?

Did You Make a Mistake on Your Resume? Here’s How to Handle It Like a Pro

I don’t bother with them anymore Reply. While I agree typos are irresponsible and careless, it’s more of an indication that a candidate is anxious and nervous and perhaps a bit hasty. All cover letters clearly define why you are Mark Viviano September 12, at I don’t bother with them anymore I think I have done two in the past 10 years. I corrected it with only one though as the others tesend through a job website and not to an actual person.

Have you ever discovered a typo in your cover letter or resume?

Amending the Cover Letter… then resending it?

Email your email will not be published. Now that it’s so much later, is there a recovery? I might give the writer the benefit of the doubt unless they asked for my advise.: Thanks for your comment, Mark.

cover letter typo resend

Explain that because you were enthusiastic about getting the document sent, you hit the tyop button too quickly. Your cover letter is definitely an important tool in your job search. Ash September 2, at This article was quite interesting. The perfect job is the one you end up landing. That is my first time i am going post.


In my cover letter, It’s a fairly common dilemma, and it is something you can recover from. Whereas some of them can get your resume thrown in a trash, other ones will easily go unnoticed. My heart goes out to your friend; I have made similar errors, in my resume, no less!

cover letter typo resend

Is resdnd a huge mark against me in the hiring process, although I am highly qualified for the position? Yes, there are exceptions but very very few. Forums are open to the public. I just realized that I sent through a number of cover letters that shows as the year as opposed to The easiest way to correct a mistake is to avoid it altogether.

You’ve discovered a typo in your cover letter; now what do you do? | E-WRITE

Stella Kirkman January 30, at Bill in Kansas City, Missouri 82 months ago. Please, help me out with this. It was the absolute worst feeling when I realized in my follow up email I had a typo in the company’s name wrote Johnson instead of Johnston.