It has been noted that biomass and fruits on which the wild animals thrive and forest fish density in shallow waters has reduced and the catch of land is lost due to submersion, there is an increased threat of commercially important fish has declined. This is especially E. It has a rich biological diversity of aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna and the mangrove forests 1. Molecular data supports migration between mainland and Sundarbans populations until very recent times. Sun in the Sundarbans. The observed R ST values significantly larger than the pR ST indicate that stepwise mutations contributed to the genetic differentiation among subpopulations. The frequencies of a number of mtDNA lineages in the Sundarbans deviate noticeably from those in mainland tiger populations, suggesting that founder effects and genetic drift may have had a considerable influence on the Sundarbans gene pool, although low sample size may have also biased our results.

This indicates slightly more support for scenario 2 over scenario 1, but is not conclusive. Though cultivation is the major occupation in Satjelia Many farmers are having pesticide-related illnesses. On average a person catches 10—15 big crabs from the river bank and fetch instant value of Rs. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikinews Wikivoyage.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Recently a government plant for bio-gas to produce electricity was installed in Gosaba, but only the rich can afford electricity cost, the poor people are lamenting because the plant engulfs quite a large amount of forest woods daily. Pollution damage to property and crop failure due to cyclones and Due to heavy siltation and disposal of solid waste from thunderstorms has rendered a large population to be poverty adjacent cities, the rivers in the Sundarbans do not receive fresh ridden.


After careful screening 94 from Satjelia and 84 from Lahiripur village were seen and appropriately advised. Unlike in other habitats, tigers live here and swim among the mangrove islands, where they hunt scarce prey such as the chital shudy Axis axisIndian muntjacs Muntiacus muntjakwild boar Sus scrofaand rhesus macaque Macaca mulatta. KhulnaSatkhiraBagerhat.


It identifies threats, proposes prominent legislations is the National Environmental Policy, several mitigation strategies to tackle climate change and This change greatly UNESCO world heritage site and thereafter was declared as a impacts the Sundarbans area as it is an estuarine delta. Earlier estimates, based on counting unique pugmarkswere much higher.

Based on the chosen alignment, the HKY model of substitution with a discrete gamma model of rate heterogeneity was selected as the most appropriate model for both sequence datasets. Fisheries development in coastal West Bengal: Some of the principal objectives of the said policy are to protect and conserve critical ecological systems and resources, The Indian environment legislative framework broadly to ensure equitable access to environmental resources and comprises of the Environment Protection Act, kkthe quality for all sections of society, to ensure judicious use of Water Prevention and Control of Pollution Act, ll, and environmental resources to meet the needs and aspirations of the Air Prevention and Control of Pollution Act, mm.

Journal List Environ Health Insights v.

In PTSD, frightening memory flash-backs related with the animal attack, mainly of tiger Hundreds of years of habitation and exploitation have exacted a heavy toll on this ecoregion’s habitat and biodiversity. At least, seven of impeding the establishment of sundarbah groves. Fate of the Spouses of animal attack victims.

Tigers of Sundarbans in India: Is the Population a Separate Conservation Unit?

The level of fase and per capita income is much below the state average and most of the people fall below the poverty line. Sites that conserve areas of mangroves are particularly important for their contribution to coastal protection and flood prevention. Ryder OA Conservation and systematic: Tigers and people in the Malay world, — Roles of conservation of approximately 1, Impact, Government of India.


The characteristic tree of the forest is the sundari Heritiera littoralisfrom which the sundarbzn of the forest had probably been derived.

Eco-psychiatry and Environmental Conservation: Study from Sundarban Delta, India

The added pressure of emmission cuts and 5 Embankments: Darrah Desert Keoladeo Ranthambhore Sariska. National parks of India. Tiger attacks are rising in Sundarban 25 and causing fatality on both sides. Many cases are here who were seriously deformed after such attacks lost part of the feet, toes or leg and many were killed.

case study on sundarban national park

Allelic richness corrected for the sample size was lower in Sundarbans 3. Flood Mitigation and Environmental Aspects”. However, results from the program BayesAss suggested that low amount of long-term migration may have occurred sundarbzn the northern and Peninsular India into Sundarbans population 0.

Eco-psychiatry and Environmental Conservation: Study from Sundarban Delta, India

In order to investigate if Sundarbans tigers have characteristics that distinguish them from other mainland tiger populations, we examined a large sample of the published literature in order to find evidence of adaptive pqrk or traits, such as morphology, habitat type, size of prey, competition with other predators, tiger density [ 581068 — 71 ].

Mangroves of the Sundarbans.

case study on sundarban national park

The Silviculture of Indian Trees. We first estimated the amount of male differentiation using equation 7a in Hedrick et al. In addition, due to direct and prolonged contact with the seawater, the collectors develop occupational hazards like waterborne diseases, skin no, reproductive tract disease in females and some contiguous diseases.