Case study design enables consumers to play a central role in the development, implementation, analysis and synthesis of research. If there is enough time left, they are also allowed to collect relevant information that supports their solution. Although case studies have various advantages, in that they present data of real-life situations and they provide better insights into the detailed behaviours of the subjects of interest, they are also criticised for their inability to generalise their results. One way of overcoming this is by triangulating the study with other methods in order to confirm the validity of the process. Third, explanatory case studies examine the data closely both at a surface and deep level in order to explain the phenomena in the data. Res Community Ment Health. However, its importance is undeniable as an instrument research and the study should be located in academic discussion.

The art of case study research: Another advantage of case study design is the way in which it can be flexibly adapted to incorporate a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods, as promoted by researchers such as Creswell [ 26 , 30 ]. Case study as a research method. In cases where there are no other cases available for replication, the researcher can adopt the single-case design. Unlike quantitative analysis which observesspatterns in data at the macro le The paper concludes with recommendations for future Clubhouse researchers who choose to employ a case study design.

Psychology Filtered Through Scripture. The integration of treatment and rehabilitation in psychiatric practice and services: Research in English Language Teaching 1 3, Data collected through observations are caae to ascertain the language development of a child.

As well, working with a.

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Cite This Case Study: The social-interaction theory, on the other hand, suggests atudy overlapping professional network causes researchers and users to communicate frequently with each other. Case study method has always been criticised for its lack of rigour and the tendency for a researcher to have a biased interpretation of the data.


case study as a research method zaidah

This would contrast with experiment, for instance, which deliberately isolates a phenomenon from its context, focusing on a limited number of variables Zaidah, Often time, case study research is dismissed as useful only as an exploratory tool.

The comprehension strategies of second language readers – Block – Show Context Citation Context Case study design typically uses multiple perspectives rrsearch facilitate the examination of a particular phenomenon in its natural context [ 1516 ]. In an intrinsic case study, a researcher examines the stdy for its own sake. Psychosocial Clubhouses provide recovery-focused psychosocial metuod to people with serious mental illness at over sites in more than 30 countries worldwide.

In other examples, such as in education, evaluative applications were conducted to assess the effectiveness of educational programmes and initiatives.

To Hamel et al. However, in this theory, products are derived from external sources zaidau than from research. New articles by this author. Yin [ 16 ] divides case studies into two broad groups. First, those that focus on an individual case, involving detailed exploration of either a person or an organisation.

Log In Sign Up. Yin then makes a further division, categorising each case study as either exploratory, descriptive or explanatory. Case studies of ninth grade readers. Case Study The objective of this study is to answer specific questions following have read the case study which is the focus of this work in writing including naming the concepts which are illustrated in the case study and why a customer database is useful for companies related in the case study under review.


The purpose of this article review is to account for the arguments presented in the aforementioned article and develop some independent analysis that can be helpful in applying the data in more a practical and localized fashion. The system can’t perform the operation now. In addition, the development of causal explanations has long been a serious concern of historians, reflected by the subfield known as historiography.

A common criticism of case study method is its dependency on a single case exploration making it difficult to reach a generalising conc lusion Tellis, Comparative Political Studies, 8, In addition, there are also othersareas that have used case study methods extensively, particularly in government, managementsand in education.

Case study design enables consumers to play a central role in the development, implementation, analysis and synthesis of research. Compliance with ethical guidelines Competing interests The authors report no conflicts of interest.

case study as a research method zaidah

Download this Case Study in word format. Reliability refers to the stability, accuracy, and precision of measurement.

Case Study As a Research Method&nbspCase Study

As an alternative to quantitative or qualitative research, case studies can be a practical solution when a big sample population is reseqrch to obtain.

Policy priorities and shifting sands in the supported employment evidence base. First, the examination of the data is most often conducted within the context of its use Yin,that is, within the situation in which the activity takes place.