The brand Air Asia Berhad believes in no frills and thus provides bare minimal facilities on board to the customers. Details how AirAsia, a Malaysian airline, was transformed into a successful low-cost airline through its well-defined business model. Asia is also a vast region with big areas to cover with, therefore travelling without consuming large amounts of time makes threats of substitutes relatively low. Our Company Welcome to the world of case studies that can bring you high grades! Bargaining power of the customers for Air Asia Berhad currently indicates to be moderate. Nowadays, E-commerce is becoming a business tool. Given the large customer base, Airasia Asia can’t respond quickly to the needs of the niche markets that disruptors are focusing on.

PESTEL Analysis is a tool that helps understand the impact of the external environmental influences on the business operations of an organization. Competition in a transnational industry, 3rd edition Butterworth-Heinemann. Log In Sign Up. The most effective approach for AirAsia is likely to be capitalizing on the above advantagesto the maximum, rather than attempting to create hostile competition, especially withincumbent carriers. The success of such an approach depends on the similarities between the Asian market and those other markets, as well as the ability of AirAsia to capitalize upon the potential synergies between these strategies. How AirAsia can be a leader in the lowest cost carrier in the airplane industry? It has put additional competitive pressures on players such as Airasia Asia.

Secondly, the management team is also very good in their strategic formulation and execution. Bargaining power of the suppliers. The control in this strategy also gives benefits because AirAsia function only to be a controlled a system that is AirAsia used. It can help the management of the organization to optimize performance, look for new opportunities, manage competition, maximize return on resources employed, and minimization of various business and policy making risks.

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Product Development This strategy explains offering innovative, modified and new products in sot existing markets in which an organization operates. An example would include Singapore Airlines which created Tiger Airways.


Degree of Existing Competition.

On the next section, I would like to discuss about AirAsia business strategy: By implementing this package AirAsia is looking to successfully maintain process integrity, reduce cas month-end closing processing times, and speed up reporting and data retrieval processes, Microsoft Malaysia [19]. It has put additional competitive pressures on players such as Airasia Asia.

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Furthermore, according to Dawna and Blaisethe most successful carriers came to dominate their hub markets allowing them to exert greater control over pricing and capacity[7]. Implemented outsourcing in their business To make the lowest carrier in airplane industry, AirAsia also face with challenged to make a decision in terms of efficiency in their business how it will acquire the system.

Air itself was a spin off from a government run company HRB — Hicomm Berhad it was verge into liquidation when Tony Fernandez bought it and turnaround it into profit running company. Hence Air Asia has to ensure that all it air plane was given the approval to operate.

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The development of new urban centers and the increased demand for tourism in the Asian countries are expected to bring in more business for Air Asia Berhad.

The consistent growth of the Aviation business for Air Asia has resulted in expansion on several network routes. airaaia

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Recommendations for Air Asia Berhad to go through turbulent times ahead of hyper competitiveness in the airline industry Business Collaborations and strategic alliances Formation of Business Collaborations and strategic alliances with the local Airline aigasia of the respective international destinations would be a beneficial strategy for Air Asia Berhad.

Moreover, to be successful in their long terms objective and their business, company need to identify their strategic management, airaia with good strategic management company can be achieving their vision and mission to achieve the successfulness in their business. The first reason is because the airline industry is a unique and complex industry[4]. Better improvisation of e-Service facilities and web based Customer Relationship Management. According to this statement, E-commerce can change the way of doing business stuxy.


It is important to note that the Asian markets are substantially more sensitive to fare differentials than the North American market due to the competition from high speed rail. This is also in linewith the socially stratified nature of these cultures, which is not the case, for example, inthe U. This strategy explains organization penetrating exsisting products in existing markets airzsia achieves increased market share. Moreover, the organization or company nowadays is faced with constantly changing external environments and needs to ensure that its own internal resources and capabilities are more than sufficient to meet caes needs of the external environment.

Weaknesses The increase in the Air traffic is resulting in the major congestion at several leading Airports across Asia. In the first case, he increasing oil price at the first glance may appear like a threat for AirAsia.

The brand also has an opportunity to undergo more collaboration with airports to use the existing airport passenger transit facilities to reduce the overall capital expenditure swt Air Asia Berhad. Regarding to this issues, Dawna and Blaise said, the most successful carrier in airqsia airline industry allowing them to exert greater control over pricing and capacity.

AirAsia able to exploit are fast disappearing. By Yousef Dar Al-deek. On the previous section, it more focused about studh importance of strategic management for AirAsia Company and what is the current issue in AirAsia Company that was happening. Competition in a transnational industry, 3rd edition Butterworth-Heinemann.

case study airasia swot

This gives AirAsia the opportunity to be a leader in its own market, while at the same time imitating and integrating business models that showed to be successful elsewhere. This creates a larger market and a huge opportunity for all low cost airlines in this region including AirAsia.