Ultimately, our findings have valuable implications for the development of improved strategies to curb HIV transmission throughout the country, namely by increasing the testing rates in the Hispanic community of Elkhart County and beyond. The project design utilized a KAP survey to detect current control efforts on both a community and individual level in the districts of Kitgum and Lamwo in northern Uganda were cases of both onchocerciasis and NS are currently observed. Because successful vector control relies on community engagement and acceptance, the results of this study provide insight into factors that will guide successful implementation of spatial repellents as a vector control strategy. In response to this critical problem, Innovating Health International has implemented a cancer awareness and engagement program as well as a cervical cancer screening program. Currently, the country of Haiti is suffering from a two-year long cholera outbreak as well as mosquito-borne illness.

This project aimed to establish a repository of resistant bacterial isolates to be stored for molecular testing. Tuberculosis presents a significant challenge to global health, resulting in 8. This study was conducted in Mokhotlong, Lesotho. This program is ideal for high potentials that strive to lead, and oversee operations, as well as those who run their own business and need to have a thorough understanding of the tasks executed by employees in different departments. Moreover, based on the perceptions identified here, a framework is offered for the eventual release of GB techniques in Thailand. Rickettsial diseases are caused by a group of zoonotic pathogens transmitted to humans by a variety of arthropod vectors, including ticks and mites.

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Two vaccines have been developed to prevent infection with 2 oncogenic strains of HPV. Implementation of these vaccines into the national vaccine schedule of developing countries remains a challenge. Results from the surveys revealed all non-significant associations.

Environmental factors, food insecurities, poverty, political unrest, and natural disasters influence the health of Haitians, particularly children.

These findings contribute to a larger body of work that may inform the development of probiotic therapies for the control of parasitic diseases. It strongly supports self-paced learning, and provides unparalleled flexibility. Mosquito exit behavior is extremely variable by day, and larger evaluations with alternative models will likely be needed in future studies to better understand the effects of spatial repellent in the presence of extensive natural variability under different environmental conditions.

The findings of this research indicated a strong need for the implementation of educational programs aimed at teaching correct antibiotic use, regulations directed at controlling the over the counter administration of antibiotics by pharmacies, and campaigns against self-medication.


The Institute of Mother and Child continuously aims to improve the maternal and child health outcomes of their patients.

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Currently, over million people are infected by lymphatic filariasis, with 40 million disfigured and incapacitated by the disease. A conceptual framework and recommendations for community-based palliative care are proposed based on the WHO palliative care public health model at the national level and thematic analysis of data at the community level. Record documentation and filing are also challenges.

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Using descriptive statistics and chi-square tests of independence, results indicate that some have misconceptions regarding capstome cancer and some are asked questions about various pediatric cancer topics. After evaluating the evidence gathered, it is proposed that the HPV vaccine be distributed at MDA posts to boys and girls ages in a pilot project in the Leogane commune. This study was unc in Mokhotlong, Lesotho.

However, contributions made by healthcare workers highlight that a number of logistical challenges must first be addressed. The VLPs collected show that the wildtype and mutant proteins may degrade rapidly, and need to be performed immediately after collection to be accurate assessments of VLP VP40 protein levels.

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Lilian Ramos Drale Year: Dengue fever incidence has increased 30 fold over the last 50 years. The CHW has emerged as one of the most effective strategies to address human resources for health shortages while improving access to and quality of primary healthcare. This cross sectional, quantitative study determined how accessibility to health care facilities impacted the health status of persons living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus PLWH in Northern Indiana.

Patient interviews were conducted in Spanish with 28 patients in MOH facilities and 75 patients at brigade sites.

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A combination of both vector control and chemotherapies is an effective strategy to combat the issue. The RU Honors College assisted me in obtaining an internship with capstone New Jersey Superior Court Judge, encouraged me capstone conduct ucn couple of primary research data collection [URL] presentations of my capstone analysis and findings and took my educational experience at Rutgers University – Newark to a higher project.


A successful long-term sustainable control program for dengue prevention and control will require a combination of approaches to include; 1 a strengthening of community participation 2 increased cooperation with regional counterparts to build communication capwtone, and 3 application of monitoring and evaluation tools to assess the efficiency of control programs.

With continued improvement and usability testing in the field, the paper test card can become the go-to method for in-field assaying of beta-lactam pharmaceuticals. Demographic and characteristic data was collected from area households both with and without reported NS cases.

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Increased industrialization and urban migration have significantly impacted lifestyle changes and increased the prevalence of overweight and obesity in regions in India, where type 2 diabetes is reaching epidemic status. Patients reported purchasing over the counter antibiotics, and hospital staff indicated that this may be due to the overflowing public system and the expensive private system of healthcare.

A novel strategy using genetically modified mosquitoes GMM to combat dengue and other arboviruses is currently in open-field trials. These findings indicate the Belize Ministry of Health needs to continually assess their protocols and operations regarding their Chagas vector control tools.

Proof of concept risk maps were generated from dengue vector surveillance data collected by the newly developed Skeeter Tracker system, environmental parameters, and human case data reported from Orange Walk, Cayo, and Corozal districts.

Currently, there is no method in place for the cataloguing and subsequent molecular analysis of resistant bacterial isolates, suggesting that the hospital needs the appropriate equipment and knowledge to improve their resistance testing methods. In order to gain additional information on these research topics we employed surveys and in-person interviews to assess KAP and cone bioassays to assess susceptibility of Chagas vectors to currently used insecticides.

capstone project ucn

The survey was conducted using an Android tablet every weekday between April June 15, with an average of 30 surveys being completed each day. The Healthier Generations Program operates in Clayton County and targets high-risk pregnancies, interconceptual case capsotne, and high-risk infant follow-up.