It is not necessary for one to understand this kind of markup in order to use eepic. Also make clear whether the input and output are as they would be for your program, or whether you have tarted them up for the purpose of communication. There is no lower limit. On submitting your thesis for examination you are required to complete a declaration form confirming the word length of your thesis. This helps the student locate gaps in the argument, ensures that the chapters are in the right order, ensures that there IS a message rather than a collection of disconnected thoughts, etc. Thesis presentation and reference management Tracing theses and current research Copyright law applies to theses and dissertations written by students as part of their studies in the same way as it applies to other copyright works. By searching the references and links in this page you should be able to find anything you need to know about LaTeX.

Try out the thesis on a friend or colleague Try to find the right balance between excessive terseness and excessive verbosity. Comments and criticisms to Aaron Sloman: However, it is very important in a thesis that you demonstrate that you are familiar with relevant literature, that you can expound it properly and that you know exactly what your own work adds to the work of others. For the Windows user, TeXLive ftp: It is not at all clear what it means to construct an image in one’s mind:

A screenshot lafex xfig showing a created image can be seen below:. Give a brief outline of what one has to do to run it. In the latter case give a description of the range and variety of the tests used. All too often psychological writings use such psuedo-explanations because they make people feel they understand. If you don’t look at the thesiis of your topic you are in danger of re-inventing wheels, including wheels that other people have demonstrated don’t work.


bham thesis latex

What is the new knowledge? Don’t assume that the output of standard tracing or spying facilities is adequate for readers just because it is adequate for you, the program developer.

Presenting your thesis

Unlike physical bhm chemical apparatus almost anything you ask people to do will produce some tehsis because they are intelligent and will interpret your instructions. On these matters you must always consult University regulations, your supervisor and the guidance issued by your School. Introduction This should give an overview of the main objectives of the thesis, including an account of why the work is worth doing motivate the reader!

Sloman The Computer Revolution in Philosophy?

Even if you do not include all your program late in the thesis, you should be willing to make it available to others so that they can test your claims, criticise your work, or build on it.

Also make clear whether the input and output are as they would be for your program, or whether you have tarted them up for the purpose of communication. I strongly recommend that where there are any interesting algorithms or techniques the code should be included.

It must be concise, oatex, and well structured.

bham thesis latex

If you offer an explanation, be sure that it is the sort of explanation that is sufficiently precise and detailed to be the basis of a construction of a working mechanism. Certainly if you define technical terms “the frame problem” or abbreviations “ATMS” or acronyms make sure you have laex list giving page numbers where they are defined.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have covered all the main relevant work.

Overleaf provides and intuitive and easy-to-use manuscript editor our rich text modewhich is especially useful if you or your co-authors aren’t familiar with latxe in LaTeX. You should therefore be aware of the maximum word length for your thesis. Which will produce blah. Delivered by Computer Science.


School of Computer Science – Research Student – Notes on presenting theses

What final outputs it produces. Installing a TeX distribution should suffice here as it is more likely than not that any TeX distribution you care to install will install the LaTeX2e macro extensions by default.

LaTeX2e article Template 5. Conclusion This should summarise the main points of the thesis, evaluate what has been achieved see discussion of evaluationsummarise the way it compares with prior work, mention limitations and failings, and sketch possible future developments or future research suggested by your work. Install GhostView and GhostScript 3. When submitting the thesis the postgraduate researcher must also acknowledge the contribution the ‘third party’ editor has made, by stating for example ‘this thesis was copy edited for conventions lated language, spelling and grammar by ABC Editing Ltd’.

Whilst it takes some getting used to, this really is a good thing as it was born with typesetting scientific papers as its main objective. Claim your free Professional account on Overleaf by signing up or signing in below.

Presenting your thesis

Try to think of your latxe as intelligent but given to wilful misunderstanding. Information about using fig with Microsoft windows can be found at http: Through our partnerships within the publishing community, we provide a selection of academic journal templates for articles and papers.

bham thesis latex

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Most people appreciate acknowledgements, but don’t go over the top and include everyone you know, including the bus-driver who gets you to work