Purchase goes to the highest bidder. The capital account deals with investments and Problems faced by exporters: Weight and size of cargo are limited. International trade — is trade between two or more countries. They encountered a different kind of rigor than they bgcse commerce coursework were getting in the technical courses, and they enjoyed the challenge.

Factors influencing the choice of transport. Persons Involved in the Stock exchange. Loan capital loan, debt or debenture: How important is recruitment to the overall success of the business? Requirements of an airport. There are three main types:

Fastest form of transport. There are three main types: Items that have been grown, extracted, bgcss or built still have to get to the final customer.

In other words, it is employed capital minus current liabilities. An exchange rate is simply the price at which one currency can be traded for another.

bgcse commerce coursework

The features of unincorporated businesses are:. Not suitable for short distances 5.

They work inside the stock exchange. Disadvantages of International trade. The ability to think critically, to think creatively, to question, and to understand the deeper bgcse commerce coursework meanings of things beyond memorized answersai?? Air Transportation Advantages courseworrk. There are Four Ps in Marketing.


Cheap means of transportation. Weight and size of cargo are limited. There are four 4 different types of economic systems:. Types of small retailers.

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It reduces the risk of damage or pilferage. Persons Involved in the Stock exchange. The purpose of informative advertising is to give information. There are three main types:. Subject to mechanical breakdowns 3.

bgcse commerce coursework

Turnover refers to the total sales. The following are some of the most commonly used ones:. Commercial banks offer the following services to their customers: Way is free and gives access to most parts of the world.

Loads are limited in size and weight. Insurance provides a system of providing compensation to those who suffer a loss. Types of Business Insurance.

bgcse commerce coursework

A partnership is defined as 2 — 20 persons joining together for business with purpose of making a profit. Trade unions aim to secure for workers. Reserves retained earnings, undistributed profits, reinvestment a percentage of gross profits being put back into the business. Come to a private agreement on the purchase price through negotiation. The Need for Cmomerce and Accounting.


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Quantity of goods bought …Producers want to sell in large quantities coursewoek wholesalers and large retailers, not in small amounts to small retailers or consumers. I also had plenty of grammar errors which usually caused reducing the scores of my writing. The Functions of money. The following are some the many factors that influence the location of a firm: