God, What am I complaining about?? Lobo sends Santo off to remedy the illness by himself, bringing Lil Toon to witness it. What does Toro think the tattooed cross on the hand represents? Toro is able to find his intellectual identity by changing his strategy to empower himself through love instead of using verguenza. It depicts homeboys in a way that most people would rather believe does not exist — intelligent, thoughtful, purposeful vatos, dedicated to what they believe matters most in life. In spite of this event in the park, we get to know Santo as a homeboy with unconditional love for his homeboys; Toro refers to Santo as a homeboy that had always been there for him, as an angel who performed miracles — no questions asked.

He is a bull. Why so much violence in almost every James3 single page, why the self-destruction? For him, the honor of the homeboys is the most important value and must be maintained — so it can be shown off — at any cost. Identify scenes of the impossible and show how they symbolize something real in a way that is more real than non-fiction. He showed humanistic instincts which contradicted his bull mentality. What or who are the voices Santo hears? Lobo, the wolf, is the leader of the pack and a poetic strange soul who seems to move through life in a drugged haze knowing fully that he is destined to self destruct.

Often the homeboy or cholo stereotype is depicted as mindless and barbaric; inhuman for engaging in violence. Toro believes that charging towards la vida loca will give him respect among homeboys, so he can walk on the streets with no fear and also gain the title of crazy. But all I can say is that no longer than a day later, I was in the bathroom, after washing my face, talking to myself in the mirror and all I could think of and tell myself was: These questions are designed to stimulate classroom discussion and assist students in engaging with the literature of Barrio Bushido.


Perhaps that is why he seems to take every matter in the world to his heart and under his responsibility. How are you, Bro?

barrio bushido essay

Email required Address never made public. What does Lobo ultimately want for his people? The book petrifies with the power of the ideas, the supreme and the purpose, the realization of the ultimate self, the empowerment. How does guilt factor in this culture?

He is a bull. This guidance is merely an offering by Santo to facilitate growth in Lobo and Toro. Textual analysis of first line: We played Hot Wheels and Tonka trucks. They are ruthless and live through their own norms, purposefully detaching themselves from a society that does not care about them.

He introduces a spiritual and deeper meaning to barrio life, barrio love, and barrio legacy. Santiago is the saint racing headlong into madness, the third pillar of the odd nefarious triad. Traveling deep within the minds of homeboys: I rise to the ring. This is an emotional and colorful journey into a world many walk by, bshido few ever enter.

Exploiting the rules of conduct in the barrio is necessary for survival.

Lobo, Toro, and Santo the magically real comes to life and through acts of violence, murder and evil a story of the ultimate friendship comes alive. This is the only instance that Santo wishes something for himself.


How did Toro prove his love? While these characters are brilliant and real and the plot rings true in some sad areas of the world, this is not a book for everyone. Why does Santo say he attacked the family?

So now, Santo is on bushieo receiving end of the rules of barrio amor that the Chinese gangsters live by. In fact, Toro is humanized when he motivates the lieutenant without using verguenza as well as teaching Lobo that he cannot betray his personal truth.


Why does Santo believe he must write his story? But we want not a house but a home, with our family inside, with arroz and frijoles for dinner. Fight against others bushiod themselves. Ultimately he understands that he has to die, and that their evil cannot be redeemed, so he accepts the sacrifice that he has to make.

Best of the Bay 2011: BEST HOMEBOY SCRIBE

Even though Santo may be a sinful man, he shows a lot of saintly characteristics and his holy features are numerous. To me this exposed a thought in our society, once someone starts playing the favorite past time then and only then one is considered a winner. Analyzing Santo is attractive to me since I am interested in saints and religion, but moreover because he is my favorite character in this book.

barrio bushido essay