Report cards include the grade earned and comments. Daily announcements will be given by the second hour teacher. Arrive to class on time. Discrimination complaints shall be processed in accordance with the following procedure: Coats, jackets, and hats are to be stored in student lockers; they are not allowed to be worn in school. A written statement of the complaint must be prepared by the complainant, signed and presented to the District Administrator who will send written acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint within 45 days.

AMS Student Handbook Students are encouraged to use the pay phone located at the west entrance. Students are required to make up their schoolwork prior to their absence. A reasonable, relevant, and respectful consequence will be given by the staff person involved. Lighting matches, firecrackers, or any flammable object or substance. Students only use programs loaded on the computer network.

Expectations are outlined in the activity code. First period begins at 8: Mediations may be arranged at the request of students, school staff, and parents. In order to participate in co-curricular events, a homewok must maintain acceptable grades. As part of the learning process of Amery Middle School the student shall.

Individual student achievement on test scores obtained on the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination: Parents are asked to complete a discipline form and return it to school to indicate the ohtline of suspension in-school served in the detention room with schoolwork provided; or out-of-school with suspension served at home under the supervision of the parent.


When an absence is necessary, the ohmework or guardian should notify the office, providing the reason for the absence. Profanity, vulgarity or disorderly behavior. Failure to follow appropriate school rules. Infinite Campus – Staff Portal. A GPA of 3. House – A specific area of the aams where students are assigned for their academic subjects. In accordance with Chapter Any student tardy to school after 9: The student should get an excused absence form from the office, which they show their teachers for this purpose.

Sixth West – Roton Middle School

First to be dismissed for lunch. The grade point average GPA is computed each term. The students will have to make up the time missed through detention or in-school suspension. Cox Communications Discount Internet Information. In the past the rewards have been roller skating and skiing for first semester and Valley Fair for second semester. All students shall treat adults with respect no arguing, disrespect, talking back, defiance, etc. Treat peers with respect. Students absent from school may not participate in Extra-Curricular activities unless they meet the exceptions under the Amery code of conduct.


ams 6th grade homework hotline

Move about the building in an orderly manner. AMS Student Handbook Bikes must be parked and locked in designated racks at the front of the building.

Ayden Middle School

Students are encouraged to take advantage of this helpful service. Our educational program provides for the continuous progress of students from one grade level to the next grade level annually.

Tom Bensenext. Interest and concerns should be expressed in writing at botline time the request is made. Any student who receives a Level 4 slip will not qualify for the semester reward.


Advisory – A forty-minute homeroom period, three days a week. Daily announcements will be given by the second hour teacher.

ams 6th grade homework hotline

Lee, or the teacher in charge if the computer is not working properly or if they need help with software. Complaints by students or parents regarding unlawful discrimination or unlawful harassment including sexual harassment shall follow the procedures of District Rule If the problem cannot be resolved with the principal, the parent’s uomework complaint should be sent to the District Administrator for review and action.

ams 6th grade homework hotline